Data Integration 003: Talend, GPG Decryption

In my previous post, I downloaded some files from an FTP server to work with. These files have been encrypted using PGP. To work with them, I need to first decrypt them.


Decrypt the files using PGP and delete the original copies.

Thankfully, Talend comes with a tGPGDecrypt component to perform the task. However, there is a catch: this component calls the GPG program that resides on your system to perform the decryption. Therefore, you need to first make sure that your system already has the software in place.

I assume my system is using Gpg4win because we have not paid any additional money for it, and I seem to see Kleopatra lingering around in my system startup programs. Interesting that someone had actually implemented an auto-password-input program, so that manual keying of passphrase is no longer necessary when decryption is invoked. Look forward to explore Gpg4win in future.