Marketing 005: Experiential Branding

A brand mantra is like an elevator pitch for the brand. It should concisely deliver what the brand is about. A way for companies to start discovering what their brand is about is by creating a mental map of all the qualities associated with the brand, and finally focusing on just one or a few key qualities that truly describes the brand DNA.

Now that we have covered the brand positioning statement, the brand mantra, it is also important to note a brand is not limited to the meaning and the words that describe it, but the entire experience that the customer will live through. Therefore when designing a brand, we should think about how it interacts with the customer’s senses.

  • The kind of music, colour, images, smell and taste that associates with the brand
  • The kind of emotions that customers should have
  • The kind of actions and behaviours related to the brand, and how it interacts with the community, the social environment or social context
  • Etc.

Of course a brand mantra is insufficient to deliver this entire experience. All the 4 P’s of Marketing, which are the product, place, promotion, and even the price, will be the media to deliver this brand experience.

One final takeaway from the lesson on branding: Having a strong brand that the company is able to align with internally will guide business decisions and resource allocations, prioritising the most important tasks to deliver the brand promise to the customers. Therefore strong brands are clear and concise. They also represent consistency and commitment. You can hardly confuse the products of a strong brand with others, even if the competition had created something very similar. Coke and Pepsi are the classic example.

(Reference: Coursera Wharton Online Introduction to Marketing)